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    Stainless Steel Inboard Boat Propeller Shafts

    An informative article about stainless steel shaft applications.

    PYI mechanical dripless PSS marine shaft seals

    An informative article from Propeller Depot about PYI dripless packless marine shaft seals.

    Choosing the correct boat prop

    Tips on choosing the correct boat prop

    Should always carry a spare boat prop
    Should always carry a spare boat prop

    It is a smart idea to carry a spare boat propeller

    All about Inboard Boat Props

    An informative article about inboard boat propellers.

    Why Zinc Anodes?
    Why Zinc Anodes?

    Did you know that there is electric current in the water that will eat away at your propellers? In fact, this electrochemical reaction will impact all your metals you have under the water line. Luckily for us boaters, we can install sacrificial metal that will absorb this before it hits your more expensive metals like struts and propellers. Zinc is that metal, and in the form of a sacrificial anode, can save you tons of money.

    Fishing with kids

    Tips for when you are fishing with kids.

    How to shop for Boat Props

    The experts at Propeller Depot will be able to assist you in finding the perfect propeller for your boat, at the absolute lowest cost.   If you have any boat prop questions, reach out to the boating experts at Propeller Depot today.

    Stainless vs Aluminum boat propellers

    Stainless vs. Aluminum boat propellers

    (87) Bass fishing is the best

    Bass fishing tips