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    Revolutionary SOLAS propellers for your boat

    SOLAS was founded by Dr. Solas Y. J. Lin in 1985. It has since become renowned as one of the most reliable and high-quality suppliers of stern drive and outboard propellers. The SOLAS name has become synonymous with ground-breaking research and design, superior-quality and cost-efficient materials, and delivers its products to its customers via their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. The SOLAS stainless propeller is the culmination of SOLAS's strength and dedication to research and application.

    The SOLAS Research and Development Team

    The SOLAS research and development team is known as an industry trailblazer by constantly pushing forward and breaking barriers on existing technologies. This drive has placed them at the apex of the propeller industry. In the design of their world-class stainless propellers, the R&D team combines several aspects of research and development: suggested theories, field testing, and quantitative and qualitative data analysis.

    SOLAS Propeller Depot

    SOLAS Stainless Propellers

    In terms of corrosion-resistance, thinness, and overall quality, the SOLAS aluminum-alloy propellers are vastly superior to the regular stainless steel propellers on the market. SOLAS did not become the world's premier brand of aluminum and stainless steel propellers by accident; the established SOLAS quality-assurance procedures are numerous and meticulous. From the start-to-finish inspections of the individual propeller components to the overall finished product, to the salt-spray testing and hardness testers, to the dynamic balance machine and rubber torque tester, quality is of paramount importance at SOLAS. The production design and process has been perfected in the combination of high-quality inspection procedures, quantitative and qualitative data analysis, and realistic field testing.

    SOLAS received ISO-9002 certification from the UK certification specialist, BSI, and in 2003, SOLAS was granted the ISO-9001 certification. These premier certifications further attest to the superior quality of propellers designed and produced by the SOLAS team. Setting the standard in industry leadership and brand renown, the SOLAS stainless propeller represents a successful culmination of research and development, meticulous quality-assurance testing, and superior design and craftsmanship. Thanks in part to its technologically-advanced manufacturing facility and knowledgeable and experienced workers, SOLAS continues to deliver the finest quality of stainless propellers to satisfy and surpass every customer's needs and expectations.

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