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    Basics about choosing a propeller

    In order for one's boat to function properly, it must have the right boat props. A propeller is a key component and special attention should be paid to purchasing a propeller that is just right for the boat. To start with, a new boat owner will want to familiarize him or herself with boat terminology, as this will help him or her to know which type of propeller to purchase for the boat. One will then want to find a reliable seller to purchase materials from.

    The Propeller Guide at Propeller Depot is the ultimate tool in helping you to find the propellers that will fit your specific engine.  If you have any questions, reach out to the experts at Propeller Depot.

    Boat propellers are made using either three or four blades. Most recreational boats do well with a three blade propeller, although bass boats and boats that have high horsepower outboard engines should always have a four blade propeller. Four blade propellers are also the best option if the boat is to be used for water skiing.

    selecting the right propeller for your boat

    Propellers made using aluminum are ideal, as they are reasonably priced yet durable; however, stainless steel propellers are the best on the market in terms of quality and durability. When purchasing a propeller made from aluminum, make sure it is made using sand cast aluminum and not die cast aluminum, as propellers made using the latter type of aluminum cannot be repaired if they break or malfunction.

    When buying a propeller, make sure the hub is the right shape for the engine shaft. The hub can be found at the center of the propeller and it will be conical, cylindrical or barreled in shape. One should also make sure the propeller shaft and the propeller both turn the same direction.

    These are just the basics of how to choose a propeller for a boat. As was noted above, a wise boat owner will take the time to learn about boat props and gear and make sure to choose a propeller make and model that is well made and suitable for the boat in question. By taking the time to purchase the right propeller, one will be guaranteed many months and years of enjoyable sailing, fishing and/or water skiing.   Propeller Depot has the lowest prices on all models and types of boat propellers, and can ship them world-wide.