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    Tides Marine SureSeals

    Boat owners know that an improperly sealed propeller shaft is a great way to run into trouble on the water. Thankfully, the Tides Marine SureSeal ensures that you never have a problem!

    The Tides Marine SureSeal is a drip-free and self-aligning propeller shaft that can accommodate propeller shaft sizes from 1-8 inches or 25-160 millimeters. This product is constructed of a fiber-reinforced composite material that will not absorb water. Its dimensions are also unaffected by temperature extremes, ensuring that you get a secure fit no matter where you are. Finally, its PTFE bearings extend its effective lifespan given normal operating conditions.

    The Tides Marine SureSeal is also easy to install. All you need to select the size that's perfect for your boat is your propeller shaft's diameter, your stern tube's OD, and enough room to properly install the product. The included articulating hose automatically places the seal at the correct distance from the stern tube, so you don't need to measure anything. The result is a simpler installation process than offered by other products on the market.

    Tides Marine Sure Seals at Propeller Depot

    The articulating hose also reduces side loads during shaft misalignments to increase the lifespan of your lip seal and bearing.

    Each SureSeal water injection fitting is made of sturdy 316 stainless steel and includes a plastic cap to mitigate leakage if the injection hose has to be removed for any reason. If you have a twin engine vessel, a model of Tides Marine SureSeal with dual injection fittings is available so that you can protect yourself if one of your engines fails. A passive crossover line may be installed between your engines so that both get the benefit of cooling water even if one of them dies on the water.

    You can also combine the Tides Marine SureSeal with a Spare Seal Carrier Kit to change your system's Lip Seal in the middle of a trip! This is a great way to continue your trip safely even if mechanical issues arise.

    Another benefit of the Tides Marine SureSeal is that it requires little regular maintenance. Should any component begin to malfunction, you can easily locate the correct replacement part using the convenient Serial Number Lookup function on This ensures that you get a compatible part without the hassle some other manufacturers expect you to go through.

    With all of these benefits to offer, it is no wonder that the Tide Marine SureSeal is OEM equipment for a variety of the most popular vessels on the market. Despite this, it is not the right fit for all boats. If your propeller shafts have damage from tools, rust, or pitting, a Face Shaft is a better option for you.

    Propeller Depot carries the entire line of Tides Marine SureSeals, and can ship them worldwide.  If you have any technical questions on Tides Marine SureSeals, reach out to the experts at Propeller Depot.

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