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    Straight Bronze Skeg Bars

    Buck Algonquin Straight Bronze Skeg Bars available at Propeller Depot. All Buck Straight Bronze Skeg Bars are made in the United States of America, and can be shipped across the Globe. Order your Marine Straight Bronze Skeg Bars and save today.

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    Picture of 10SKB3A Skeg Bars10SKB3A Skeg Bars 1/2 inch2 inch24 inchN/A
    Picture of 10SKB3B Skeg Bars10SKB3B Skeg Bars 1/2 inch2 inch30 inchN/A
    Picture of 10SKB3C Skeg Bars10SKB3C Skeg Bars 1/2 inch2 inch36 inchN/A
    Picture of 10SKB3D Skeg Bars10SKB3D Skeg Bars 1/2 inch2 inch42 inchN/A
    Picture of 10SKB3E Skeg Bars10SKB3E Skeg Bars 1/2 inch2-1/2 inch42 inchN/A
    Picture of 10SKB3F Skeg Bars10SKB3F Skeg Bars 1/2 inch2-1/2 inch48 inchN/A
    Picture of 10SKB3G Skeg Bars10SKB3G Skeg Bars 1/2 inch3 inch36 inchN/A
    Picture of 10SKB3H Skeg Bars10SKB3H Skeg Bars 1/2 inch3 inch42 inchN/A
    Picture of 10SKB3I Skeg Bars10SKB3I Skeg Bars 1/2 inch3 inch48 inchN/A
    Picture of 10SKB3J Skeg Bars10SKB3J Skeg Bars 5/8 inch4 inch48 inchN/A
    Picture of 10SKB3K Skeg Bars10SKB3K Skeg Bars 5/8 inch4 inch60 inchN/A
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