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    Should always carry a spare boat prop

    Should always carry a spare boat prop

    Design changes and engineering advances propel development of new propeller technology that did not exist a few years ago. New propellers take advantage of fluid dynamics modeling with computer software to make changes that improve cornering, handling, and stability in rough seas. Replacing an old stainless steel boat prop could help racers add speed and handling ability needed to win races or safeguard investments.  Here are Propeller Depot, we carry all of the best brands of boat propellers.  If you have any questions on boat props, feel free to call or email us.   The experts at Propeller Depot are standing by to answer all of your questions, and get you into the best propeller for your marine engine.

    Boat safety and performance depend on propellers, and normal use causes lots of minor scratches, chips and dents in propellers. Boat owners push the performance envelope, but even one-year-old props lose efficiency and threaten safety. Changing stainless steel or aluminum propellers helps keep boats running on an even keel, and the process takes little time, effort or money. Michigan Wheel Apollo Boat propellers offer the latest choices to improve performance.

    spare boat props

    The company has set manufacturing standards for generations of amateur and professional boaters. Michigan Wheel Marine supplies commercial propellers to boat builders, yacht manufacturers and shipyards throughout the world. Consumers can choose aluminum or stainless steel blades custom-designed to meet racing, fishing, or pleasure-cruising needs.

    Aluminum props cost less money, but they could flex when traveling at high speeds, resulting in decreased velocity. Stainless steel offers better durability because it resists impacts and corrosion from salt water. Pitch and diameter also count in the decision-making process when choosing props. Pitch describes the distance one blade travels in a 360-degree revolution, inversely affecting RPMs. High-pitch blades reduce RPMs and place greater stress on the engine in the beginning, but they eventually reach higher speeds. Low pitch increases RPMs, but these props will never reach top speeds.

    Diameter describes the distances across the circle the blade covers. Boat size determines diameter because choosing too small a diameter risks under powering large boats. Michigan Wheel Marine offers many choices of diameter and pitch to power any boat efficiently. Boaters usually carry spare propellers for emergencies like motor vehicle operators carry spare tires. This practice could prove crucial if propellers malfunction far from shore.

    Choosing the right aluminum or stainless steel boat prop also includes choosing among three-, four-, and five-blade propellers. Three blades work well for smaller boats and recreational boating, producing better top-end speed. Four-blade props offer greater choices of pitch and diameter, better handling at low speeds, and stronger holding power under rough conditions.

    Contact the experts at Propeller Depot today to purchase the ultimate propeller for your boat.