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    Tips for saltwater fishing beginners

    Is saltwater fishing on your bucket list? It should be, even if you've tried it in the past but haven't been too successful. There are many types of fish to catch, techniques to try, and gear to use, depending on your target catch and the location. Rather than rely on luck alone only to come back home empty-handed, you'll be better off learning what tips you should use to improve your saltwater fishing game. 

    Use the Right Vessel

    The very first piece of equipment you will need for saltwater fishing is a boat. This could range from a basic row boat to a yacht, depending on the number of people who will be joining you on the adventure. As a rule of thumb, look for a vessel that's sturdy enough not to be swayed by strong waves without being too heavy.  If you have any questions on saltwater fishing or inboard propeller parts, reach out to the experts at Propeller Depot.

    Timing is Everything

    Even if you're familiar with the location, picking the right time of day for your fishing could make all the difference. Water movements don't always follow tidal currents, especially in channel entrances and inlets. In such spots, fish will usually respond more to the speed and direction of water than to the height of the tide.

    This means you will need to acquaint yourself with how different elements affect fish movement patterns. More specifically, you will want to understand how the sun, moon, wind and weather conditions play into the equation. There's a handful of online resources you could use for your research, but you can also talk to the locals to find out where different types of fish can be found at various times of day.

    Get Familiar With Your Gear

    This might seem obvious, but it's very important that you know how to use the equipment you'll be carrying along for the trip before you can even set foot on your boat. Speaking of which, it would be wise to use brands that you're already familiar and comfortable with.

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    Other points to keep in mind for your trip include:

    -Using the right lures: As much as you'd want your lures to stay shining forever, they will start fading at some point. For your saltwater fishing trip, you'll want to carry bright, new lures that will stand out from the surface of the water, as these work excellently in attracting fish.

    -Keeping live bait in top condition: When using live bait, it's very important that you keep it in tip-top shape. This could mean using an aerator to maintain optimal levels of oxygen, and remember to change the water after every couple of hours.

    -Take a circle hook with you: This would especially come in handy if you prefer a larger hook-up ratio. Since they hook in the lip rather than the belly, these types of hooks could increase your chances of catching more fish.

    Overall, patience is the name of the game as far as saltwater fishing goes. You might be tempted to move from one area to the next to as you try to locate the perfect spot, but this will only reduce your chances of catching the fish. Your best approach here would be to cast out several times with different kinds of bait before shifting. Learning how to spot fish would also help here.