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    Propeller Depot - Two Year Anniversary

    12 Oct 2017

    Amazing that it has been two years since Propeller Depot launched with the goal of bringing the best prices on all propellers to boaters across the globe.

    South Florida – Propeller Depot announces their company launch and website They are a supplier for inboard props, outboard/sterndrive props, wake props, marine bearings, marine shaft seals, stainless shafts, zinc anodes, marine hardware and everything in between. Many major brands are on their inventory list, including, Michigan Wheel, Vovlo Penta, SOLAS, ACME Marine, Tides Marine, and many others. Worldwide shipping for customers, or store hours nine am to five pm, Monday thru Friday give any client plenty of time to make their propeller dreams come true. Clients are their number one priority, and their boating experts will help guide you to the propeller you need. Thanks to their extremely high volume of sales, they are able to offer these low prices to their clients – low operating costs mean big savings.

    About their products.
    Boasting their supplier status of some of the top names in the industry, Propeller Depot is impressive with their lineup. Thanks to their wide selection of brands and the option for a custom propeller or fitting from most of these brands, clients will receive the best product that is a perfect fit for their boat. Propellers are not the only product available – far from it.

    Bearings of all kinds (naval brass, non-metallic, flanged and demountable stave) are here for purchase, as well as many different types of zinc anodes. Stainless steel shafts, their logs, packing boxes and shaft accessories are covered and a plethora of marine hardware makes up a large portion of Propeller Depot. Marine hardware categories include deck hardware, valves, steering hardware, strainers, exhaust and plumbing fittings, and hoses and clamps are just the tip of the hardware iceberg.

    Operated by Deep Blue Yacht Supply, Propeller Depot offers an economical outlet of access to the most efficient and trusted marine brands in the world. Knowing their way around the industry, the company has many years experience and their boating experts have cutting-edge knowledge about the how and why of the boating industry. Committed to being environmentally friendly, each of Propeller Depot’s suppliers designs and develops their products with upmost commitment to their manufacturing process and their products ecological footprint. By combining socially conscious companies who also develop state-of-the-art propellers and accessories Propeller Depot is a competitive new presence on the propeller supply scene.

    For more information, please visit the website or see contact information listed below:

    Corporate Headquarters:
    6511 Nova Dr
    Suite 288
    Davie, FL 33317 USA

    Toll Free: 1-800-454-6960
    International: 1-954-444-6259
    Fax: 1-321-978-0253

    For sales information, call Sales and Marketing:
    1-800-454-6960 or

    Questions or Comments, call Customer Relations:
    1-800-454-6960 or