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    Michigan Wheel Apollo 993144

    Thursday, October 20, 2016

    The Apollo 993144 by Michigan Wheel is a stainless steel propeller made by the number one replacement prop manufacturer around. This propeller is made to be accompanied by the XHS hubs system, as well as the Mercury Flo-Torq II. A word of warning, the new Solas Rubex Hub is not compatible with the 993144 and any use of this hub kit will void all warranties guaranteed by Michigan Wheel.Aside from the hub kit that the stainless steel Michigan Wheel props require, they actual props themselves are expertly crafted using the CAD designed high-performance blade geometry method. This 3-blade prop is exactly what a boater needs to get the most out of their engine. The exact dimensions of the prop are a diameter of 13-1/4”, a pitch of 17”, and a RH rotation.


    Michigan Wheel Apollo

    Being a stainless steel prop, the 993144 is made to last many years, and the price, which is still a distributor’s best here, is easily justifiable when one thinks of how much service time the Apollo 993144 will provide. These are props made to survive the typical encounters with rocks and debris that boaters are so used to losing props to. Michigan Wheel is around to make quality props and keep their loyal customers happy to a brand that has kept a stellar reputation for over 100 years. Very few companies in any industry can compare to those credentials. 

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