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    SOLAS Stainless Steel Boat Props

    SOLAS stainless propellers are the industries most popular prop used by sportsmen and enthusiasts. You have the choice between high chromium stainless steel or a squeeze-cast aluminum. SOLAS also offers plastic propellers that work well with small outboards. SOLAS propellers provide a selection as large as 1,000 different props made for a variety of boat styles, and a range of horsepower between 2.5 to 400.  Contact the experts at Propeller Depot to find the perfect SOLAS propeller for your marine engine.  Propeller Depot carries the entire line of SOLAS boat props.

    A SOLAS stainless propeller provides the best performance and that is always the goal. Selecting a propeller from the many choices offered by SOLAS stainless propellers can require both research and guidance. For example, if you have a 10 to 15 hp outboard and/or a heavy but little boat an aluminum prop such as the Solas Amita 4.

    SOLAS stainless boat props

    The Outboard Motor High Thurst Prop Application Chart is an excellent reference guide. It helps you make a choice through a chart that lists the make, model, and the Solas High Thrust Prop which fits that make and model. SOLAS Propellers offers many ways to help you select the correct prop for your boat.

    The Solas, Find Boat Propellers section provides customers with options. It easily guides you through choosing the brand, motor, or drive system. Then, they provide a list of the types of boat engines and the dive models. Some years are similar and can work together.

    An example, The Honda 30hp BF30 (10 Spline) from 1995-1999, is a good example because Honda produced a number of similar products that can use the Solas Amita 3, Solas Amita 4, and Solas Saturn Prop. By looking at the Diameter, Pitch, and Rotation, along with the Manufacturer's Part Number, you will be able to identify the correct part, quickly, and with great ease.

    Use the revolutionary SOLAS propeller guide at to find the perfect SOLAS stainless steel prop for your outboard or sterndrive.  Propeller Depot carries the entire line of SOLAS stainless steel boat props, and are the most popular props we sell.