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    A few great tips for freshwater fishing

    Fishing in a body of water with less than 0.05% salinity is called freshwater fishing. Freshwater can be found in ponds, rivers, streams, and lakes. It must be noted that the species of fish that you would catch in freshwater divers significantly from those you would catch in saltwater. This is mainly because the species are entirely different, however, some saltwater fish can transition to freshwater. One typical example is Salmon. Freshwater fishing can be done in every country around the world.

    Freshwater fishing is for those who enjoy fishing from a boat. However, the body of water must be big enough to take a boat along and it should also be allowed. Unlike deep sea fishing, you can use a much smaller boat such as an inflatable one or a kayak. The boat basically enables you to reach those parts of the water that you couldn't possibly reach from the shore. Unless you are one of those people who live on or near the shoreline, freshwater fishing is definitely an option. Water covers approximately 70% of the earth, yet not even 3% of that amount is freshwater. Water is also crucial to the survival of various organisms.

    Here are some Freshwater Tricks, Tips and Tactics:

    Using a Map - When fishing in freshwater you will always want to get a topographical map showing you where the various depths of the pond or lake are. It can also work as a bonus if you locate any sunken man-made fish cribs.

    Washing Your Hands - Freshwater ha very little salinity, therefore it is important that you keep your hands washed and clean since fish have a great sense of smell and any unnatural scent of the tackle or bait will put them off.

    Mind the Temperature - Freshwater fish are sensitive to temperature. Most species prefer a certain weather and water temperature. If you are trying to catch a specific species, then do your research and find out what ideal temperature and weather conditions need to be fulfilled so you can catch one.

    Using the Correct Bait - Some of the most popular types of bait to use for freshwater fish are worms, leeches, crayfish, and minnows. Some people may also use frogs and artificial bait. It all depends on what works for you. Ultimately, you should use whatever bait is working or you.

    The use of a Slip Bobber - This is actually a bobber containing a hollow hole in it. You can tie a knot and a stopper above the bobber. This now allows you determine where on the line you want the bobber to stop, thus allowing you to set any depth you desire, without sacrificing casting quality.

    Freshwater fishing can be a rewarding and therapeutic experience for you. Some people choose to fish so they can document their findings others simply want to harvest unusual species. If you do catch a non-native species, it is recommended that you put it back.

    By utilizing the tips and tricks above you will be able to catch your fish and have a great time doing so.

    If you have any questions on freshwater fishing or boating parts, reach out to the experts at Propeller Depot.