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    Bronze Round Strainers

    Buck Algonquin Bronze Round Strainers available at Propeller Depot. All Buck Bronze Round Strainers are made in the United States of America, and can be shipped across the Globe. Order your Marine Bronze Round Strainers and save today.

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    Product(s)Outside DiameterMax. Through HullFlow AreaC.S. Screw SizeMaterialPrice 
    Picture of 00SR350 Round Strainers00SR350 Round Strainers 3-1/2 inch3/4 inch1.05 in²#6Bronze$43.98
    Picture of 00SR400 Round Strainers00SR400 Round Strainers 4 inch1 inch1.84 in²#8Bronze$40.40
    Picture of 00SR500 Round Strainers00SR500 Round Strainers 5 inch1-1/2 inch2.84 in²#8Bronze$56.27
    Picture of 00SR600 Round Strainers00SR600 Round Strainers 6 inch2-1/2 inch3.24 in²#8Bronze$77.99
    Picture of 00SR800 Round Strainers00SR800 Round Strainers 8 inch3 inch6.83 in²#10Bronze$173.57
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