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    Boating Safety Tips

    Anyone who has every owned a boat or even spent an afternoon boating and enjoying some time on the water with friends and family, should understand the importance of boating safety and the precautions that need to be taken to ensure everyone has a safe experience. While going out on the water for a leisurely afternoon of boating is certainly a great way to spend a summer afternoon, this idyllic and relaxing activity can quickly turn into a catastrophe if boating safety is not taken seriously.  If you have any questions on boating, please reach out to the experts at Propeller Depot.

    To start with, each person onboard should have a U.S. Coast Guard Approved life jacket. Additionally, this life jacket should be properly fitted and worn at all times when on the boat. Accidents can happen quickly and there may not be time to get your life jacket on in an emergency. Young children, babies, toddlers and even small adults all need to be provided with life jackets suitable for their size. In fact, life jackets for babies and toddlers are usually designed specifically to ensure that if they land in the water, they will automatically be turned face-up.

    The Coast Guard estimates that more than 80% of fatal boating accidents could have been avoided if the victims had been wearing a life jacket. This certainly makes a solid point for each and every person to be properly outfitted before you get the boat underway.

    boating safety

    However, there is another very important item that needs to be addressed before you even begin your boating excursion. Prior to taking your boat into the water, an important boating safety point that should not be overlooked is a simple vessel inspection. There are many places, within most communities, that offer free boat inspections. This step will certainly help eliminate many potential problems from occurring out on the water. After all, you certainly do not want a malfunction when you are miles from the nearest shore.

    There is no doubt that boating can be a wonderful activity for the whole family to enjoy, by simply following a few boating safety pointers you can make sure that this adventure is as safe as possible. In fact, it is a great idea for boat owners to take a boating safety course before their first trip onto the water.

    If you need to replace any parts on your boat, Propeller Depot would be glad to assist you in finding the correct parts.

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