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    Bass fishing is the best

    To catch more big bass consistently, you need more than just sheer luck. Here are five bass fishing tips to help you become a better bass angler.

    Match the Hatch

    Bass have a broad diet, ranging from baby ducks to baitfish such as bluegill and shad. This means that bass in a particular area will be more attracted to lures that closely resemble the foliage types in that area. This means you have to determine what the bass in a particular area feed on and then choose your lures accordingly or match the hatch.  Propeller Depot offers the best bass boat propellers, at the absolute lowest prices.  Reach out to Propeller Depot if you have any questions on bass boat propellers such as the Michigan Wheel Ballistic

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    Understand the Weather

    Weather conditions not only affect bass behavior, but also affect the appearance of your bait under water. This means that, if you want to be a successful bass angler, you need to understand the weather. Specifically, you should become adept at observing the sky and identifying the patterns that affect bass behavior. This will help you choose the right lures and presentation depending on the prevailing weather patterns. Cloudy weather, for example, is ideal for bass fishing because bass typically tend to be more active and more willing to expose themselves during to feed during such weather. However, your baits will likely be less visible in such weather, so you should use moving baits with contrasting colors, such as baits with silver gold flake or red in them. Examples of moving baits include chatterbaits, and spinnerbaits. During sunny weather, you are unlikely to find bass on the surface of the water, meaning you should opt for a bottom bouncing bait, such as a jig. Additionally, the sun will likely light up your bait, meaning you should avoid bait with bright colors.

    Fish in the Wind

    Granted, strong winds can make fishing difficult. However, this does not necessarily mean that windy days are good ideal for bass fishing. In fact, unless there is a hurricane or tornado on course, windy days actually present suitable conditions for bass fishing. Specifically, strong wind disturbs the water surface, making it harder for bass to notice the movement of a fishing boat. Moreover, strong wind action tends to concentrate planktons, thereby attracting baitfish and ultimately, bass. You can also take advantage of windy conditions to fish in shallow waters because bass tend to feed closer to the water surface on windy days. If, on the other hand, you're offshore fishing in deep waters, anchoring your boat can pay big dividends on windy days.

    Learn How to Tie Fishing Knots

    Although fishing knots come in different shapes and sizes, there is no perfect fishing knot for all situations. This means that, while you may be know how to tie versatile fishing knots such as Clinch knots and Palomar knots, you should learn to other fishing knots as well in order to diversify your bait presentation and use different fishing techniques, allowing you to catch more bass consistently. Put another way, a fishing knot that works perfectly in one situation may fail to work in a different situation.

    Leverage Technology

    Thanks to services such as Fishiday and Google Earth, you can now identify the key areas of a body of water, such as ledges and creeks, where you are likely to find a large population of bass well in advance. Moreover, with such information, you would be able to better plan your bass fishing excursion.


    Use the five bass fishing tips discussed above to catch more bass consistently.

    Reach out to the experts at Propeller Depot, if you have any fishing or boat parts questions.  

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