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    Benefits Of ACME Boat Props

    The ACME marine group was formed in 1996 in Big Rapids, Michigan, intending to revolutionize the operations of the entire industry by manufacturing the most advanced product designs and quality manufacturing processes. The company has highly qualified engineers, among other professionals, to achieve its vision. Through the commitment and hard work put in place by its workers, the company has achieved its goal of producing the best ACME boat props. They are among the companies that receive a large number of customers; these are the reasons why it happens that way:

    They are entirely manufactured in the USA.  Propeller Depot is one of the industry leaders when it comes to supplying ACME Boat Props.  Propeller Depot has a massive inventory with the lowest prices on all models of ACME boat propellers.

    You must have realized that most manufacturers have moved to other countries to set up their companies; however, the ACME has not yet moved, and instead, it decided to put up with what people need in the U.S. They have set up two facilities for manufacturing their products in the country and what even makes everything better is that the two facilities are above the QS-9000 standard. This means that their planning, development, production, among other aspects, are of high quality, meeting all your demands. Moreover, the ACME continued developing their foundry for easy control of the casting process.

    ACME Boat Props

    Pure CNC process

    ACME uses highly advanced machines to make the perfect cuts; some of the machines they use include the Computer Numerically Controlled milling machine, which utilizes the latest technology to meet the needs of their customers. This separates them from other companies who try to produce products that are either a hit or a miss while theirs are a sure thing. With the ACME boat props, you can be sure that the quality won't inconvenience you as they are perfect and go in hand with the current boat technology. If you have used other products and tried the ACME manufactured ones, you will tell the difference quickly.

    A wide variety of products

    ACME produces a wide range of products for other activities; they are not only limited to boat props but also wakeboard and ski propellers. These products come in different sizes that range from 12.5 inches to 16 in diameter, and they can be of 3 or 4 blades, while the bore size can be either an inch or 1-1/8 and can rotate either right or left.

    The different features propellers perform differently; for instance, the three-blade propeller is more efficient in performance; however, they tend to cause strong vibrations, which have reduced their fame.


    The ACME manufacturing processes ensure that they produce high-quality ACME boat props, among other products, to facilitate marine navigation. Focus on finding the best performance products that meet all your needs.