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    ACME Marine Boat Props

    Sunday, October 23, 2016

    In 1996, the ACME Marine Group was formed in Big Rapids, Michigan with the lofty aim of revolutionizing the industry through superior manufacturing processes and advanced product design. The company is composed of outstanding engineers and other professionals who are committed to this vision. Though hard work, the group has largely achieved what it set out to do with its impressive line of ACME boat propellers. Customers are raving about their performance and it's easy to see why.

    100% Made in the USA

    While most manufacturers have left the states to set up shop in other countries, ACME defied the trend and stayed put. The company has two manufacturing facilities in the country. Both of them have surpassed the strict QS-9000 standard. This means that the planning, design, development, production, and other aspects of the work flow have been deemed to be of a very high quality. This standard is also used in the automotive industry to weed out the manufacturers of inferior products. Not content with this achievement, ACME also built their own foundry to ensure that they can control the casting process as well.

    100% CNC Process

    ACME uses Computer Numerically Controlled milling machines to make incredibly precise cuts with astounding consistency. The problem plaguing most propeller manufacturers is that their products tend to be a hit or miss affair. One might perform incredibly well and so a user goes out to buy another, only to be disappointed with the replacement. The old method of hand-finishing just won't do anymore. The quality and consistency is apparent in the reduced return rates when customers switched from other brands to ACME. The difference is truly like night and day.


    ACME makes products for several types of applications including water ski and wakeboard propellers. These come in a wide range of sizes ranging from 12.5 inches to 16 inches in diameter and have either a 3-blade or a 4-blade design. The bore size is either 1 inch or 1-1/8 inches and may rotate either left or right. Each one of the propellers will have the part number, diameter x pitch, rotation, and bore or shaft diameter machine-etched around the hub for reference.

    The 3-blade propellers are generally more efficient. However, their tendency to cause strong vibrations due to inconsistent manufacturing has limited their popularity. ACME's precision manufacturing techniques have solved the issue of consistency, resulting in vastly reduced vibrations. Now the performance of both designs are nearly equal and at a much higher level. Bottom line: customers have better choices than ever before.

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