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    ACME Marine 515 Boat Props

    11 Oct 2017

    The ACME 515 is an incredibly popular 3-blade propeller manufactured by ACME propellers. Designated for use as a Wake and Ski boat prop, it is expected to have unquestionable precision in its creation because any deviation in performance is quite noticeable on a small craft. The ACME 515 is the paramount of 3-blade innovation; made with new techniques by ACME, it is smoother, faster, and more efficient than ever before, which allows it to compete with its slightly more popular 4-blade cousin props.

    The 515 has specifications fit to some of the most desired ski boats currently on the market, and that provides further reason for its popularity. The diameter and pitch of the prop are 13.00 x 12.00 respectfully. Furthermore, it has a .080 cup and a 1-1/8” shaft. Finally, it has a left hand rotation, as is common with most of the other high selling propellers of its kind.

    An issue that is found consistently throughout many propeller manufacturers is, coincidentally, a lack of consistency in their props. One prop can perform perfectly fine, and when it comes time to replace it, the replacements runs at a sub-par level. That is where ACME shines; they use astonishingly precise and refined methods to create their props in order to bring their customers the best performance and satisfaction. It is done by a method called CNC, which stands for Computer Numerically Controlled milling processes, and it’s superior to many other prop manufacturers’ methods. Also, they take in old ACME props and rework them back to perfection to show their dedication to the craft and to their buyers. ACME return rates are lower than industry standards by far, and have some of the strictest quality control benchmarks around. This is all possible because both of ACME’s manufacturing plants are located in the USA and that allows for quality control and supervision to be handled at a higher standard. 

    The ACME Marine 515 propeller is the most popular Wake/Ski propeller that Propeller Depot sells.  Shipping on ACME 515 ski props is available to over 150 countries, and you will find the lowest prices here at  Propeller Depot carries the full line of ACME Marine ski/wake props.


    ACME Marine 515 ski wake boat prop