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    PYI mechanical dripless PSS marine shaft seals

    A PSS shaft seal is a mechanical seal installed between a flat carbon or composite carbon and graphite surface (flange) and a rotating surface, usually a stainless steel rotor which turns with the shaft. The acronym PSS stands for "packless sealing system". PSS shaft seals are manufactured by a number of companies, usually for use in a marine environment as the propeller shaft seal or the rudder post seal on sailboats, power boats, and commercial vessels. These shaft seals have been in use in boating for thirty years.   Contact the experts at Propeller Depot to purchase marine shaft seals, and they are able to answer all of your questions in terms of shafts and marine seals.  Recently, PSS shaft seals have made their way into other commercial venues including use in mixing tanks for fruit juice, tomato paste, and even cardboard glue. A new industry has also sprouted up using the PSS seal in indoor swimming pools. Pools that are primarily used for physical therapy have widely adopted the PSS shaft seal, as well as sports training pools at universities. PSS shaft seals are even entering use today in the mining industry for pumps and in irrigation. PYI PSS dripless shaft seals are the industry leader when it comes to expanding the use of PSS shaft seals into new markets.  Propeller Depot carries the entire line of PYI packless shaft seals, and is able to ship them around the world.  You will find some of the absolute best pricing on marine shaft seals at Propeller Depot.

    PYI PSS dripless shaft seals are considered industry standard equipment. They are now used by most of the world's biggest shipbuilders and boatyards. They are also relied on as the most stable seals for aftermarket retrofitting. PYI seals are certified by independent, reputable organizations. Shipbuilders and boatyards routinely opt for PSS because it reduces the cost, maintenance, and continual adjustment that come with using old-fashioned packing-type glands. Furthermore, PSS shaft seals work to keep water out of the bilge and reduce wear to the propeller shaft.

    PYI shaft seals at Propeller Depot

    A PSS mechanical shaft seal is made of special components. The high-density carbon/graphite flange is machined to possess the perfect shape and size. As part of its design, the flange will polish the rotor face in the first few minutes of initial operation. This process helps create the perfect seal. No spray guard is required as a result. The composite carbon/graphite material not only lasts longer, but sustains a maximum temperature of 500° F. Under normal conditions, the flange never needs to be replaced. O-rings are put inside the rotor to protect the seal of the rotor to the propeller shaft and to ensure alignment. The rings do not move and do not wear. The stainless steel rotor (Type 316) is locked to the propeller shaft with high-quality double set screws. Computer-controlled lathes provide for precision tolerance. These rotors are passivated to the highest military standard to provide maximum corrosion resistance. The set screws used are Allen head set screws, which are carefully worked into the rotor and then secured tightly to the propeller shaft. A backup set screw is threaded into each hole to prevent the first screw from working its way back out. Dri-Loc 204 is used on all set screws. At the stern tube and at the flange ends, two stainless steel hose clamps secure the bellow. The bellow's stern tube part is available for purchase in standard sizes in quarter-inch increments. The diameter of both the shaft and the stern tube must be specified when ordering.

    Contact the experts at Propeller Depot to purchase your PYI shaft seal today.