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    Zimar Zinc Anodes

    When two different types of metal are submerged in seawater, and electrically or physically connected, a battery is created. A certain quantity of current travels from one metal to the other. This current consists of electrons, which are sourced from one of the metal types. Pieces of this metal are siphoned off into the seawater, as metal ions. Galvanic corrosion is the name of this process and, if unattended to, it rapidly ruins underwater metals.

    Zimar Zinc Anodes for Boats

    Aluminum or bronze propellers on stainless steel shafts tend to be affected the most by galvanic corrosion. Nonetheless, rudders, metal struts, outboards, stern drives and rudder fittings are vulnerable too. Galvanic corrosion is best prevented by adding an extra metal to the circuit, which gives up its' electrons faster than the other metals. This third type of metal is usually zinc, and it is referred to as a 'sacrificial anode'. Actually, many boat owners use the terms 'zincs' and 'sacrificial anodes' interchangeably.

    The surface area of a zinc anode governs the degree of protection it offers. Different zinc surface areas are required, based on the types of metal used in a battery, and the water's chemical composition. However, one percent of the protected metal's surface area is fairly common.

    Zimar Zinc Anode Propeller Depot

    The protected metal should be regularly examined. If corrosion is evident, in spite of the zinc, additional surface area is needed. It is vital for boat owners to maintain the zinc anodes on their vessels. Once an anode has disintegrated, or gone missing, the metal part it was fitted to protect will corrode quickly.

    Zimar Zincs are the industry standard, and that is why most discerning boaters use them to protect their investment.  Propeller Depot carries the entire line of Zimar Zincs, and can ship them across the world. If you have any questions on Zinc Anodes, please contact the experts at Prop Depot.

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    Picture of MX-30 Zimar Shaft Zinc 30mm

    MX-30 Zimar Shaft Zinc 30mm

    MX-30 shaft Zinc 30mm Diameter
    $19.71 $10.99
    MX-35 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 35mm

    MX-35 Zimar Shaft Zinc 35mm

    MX-35 shaft Zinc 35mm Diameter
    $25.75 $13.99
    MX-40 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 40mm

    MX-40 Zimar Shaft Zinc 40mm

    MX-40 shaft Zinc 40mm Diameter
    $34.82 $18.99
    MX-45 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 45mm

    MX-45 Zimar Shaft Zinc 45mm

    MX-45 shaft Zinc 45mm Diameter
    $36.41 $19.99
    MX-50 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 50mm

    MX-50 Zimar Shaft Zinc 50mm

    MX-50 shaft Zinc 50mm Diameter
    $38.79 $20.99
    MX-55 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 55mm

    MX-55 Zimar Shaft Zinc 55mm

    MX-55 shaft Zinc 55mm Diameter
    $70.32 $37.99
    MX-60 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 60mm

    MX-60 Zimar Shaft Zinc 60mm

    MX-60 shaft Zinc 60mm Diameter
    $75.78 $40.99
    MX-65 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 65mm

    MX-65 Zimar Shaft Zinc 65mm

    MX-65 shaft Zinc 65mm Diameter
    $78.91 $42.99
    MX-70 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 70mm

    MX-70 Zimar Shaft Zinc 70mm

    MX-70 shaft Zinc 70mm Diameter
    $89.44 $48.99
    MX-75 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 75mm

    MX-75 Zimar Shaft Zinc 75mm

    MX-75 shaft Zinc 75mm Diameter
    $100.54 $54.99
    MX-80 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 80mm

    MX-80 Zimar Shaft Zinc 80mm

    MX-80 shaft Zinc 80mm Diameter
    $110.92 $59.99
    MX-85 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 85mm

    MX-85 Zimar Shaft Zinc 85mm

    MX-85 shaft Zinc 85mm Diameter
    $121.23 $65.99
    MX-90 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 90mm

    MX-90 Zimar Shaft Zinc 90mm

    MX-90 shaft Zinc 90mm Diameter
    $124.45 $67.99
    MX-95 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 95mm

    MX-95 Zimar Shaft Zinc 95mm

    MX-95 shaft Zinc 95mm Diameter
    $204.68 $110.99
    MX-100 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 100mm

    MX-100 Zimar Shaft Zinc 100mm

    MX-100 shaft Zinc 100mm Diameter
    $206.23 $111.99
    MX-105 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 105mm

    MX-105 Zimar Shaft Zinc 105mm

    MX-105 shaft Zinc 105mm Diameter
    $209.45 $113.99
    MX-110 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 110mm

    MX-110 Zimar Shaft Zinc 110mm

    MX-110 shaft Zinc 110mm Diameter
    $347.02 $187.99
    MX-115 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 115mm

    MX-115 Zimar Shaft Zinc 115mm

    MX-115 shaft Zinc 115mm Diameter
    $415.24 $224.99
    MX-120 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 120mm

    MX-120 Zimar Shaft Zinc 120mm

    MX-120 shaft Zinc 120mm Diameter
    $508.88 $274.99
    MX-125 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 125mm

    MX-125 Zimar Shaft Zinc 125mm

    MX-125 shaft Zinc 125mm Diameter
    $512.04 $276.99
    MX-130 Zimar Shaft Zinc Anode 130mm

    MX-130 Zimar Shaft Zinc 130mm

    MX-130 shaft Zinc 130mm Diameter
    $516.03 $278.99
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