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    SOLAS boat propellers

    SOLAS - Where speed begins.

    Since 1986, SOLAS has been engineering and building propellers for outboard/stern drive and also impellers for jet boats and personal watercraft. Founded by Dr. Solas Y.J. Lin, Solas places the highest priority superior design and quality craftsmanship. The Taiwan based company creates a production cocktail of top-notch research and development, high-tech facilities, highly skilled workers, and cost-effective materials to create the most cutting-edge and durable product on the market.

    The research and development team is carefully chosen to find motivated and outstanding researchers to breach new areas of the field. Materials are analyzed for usability and because of the academic vs. industrial development strategy employed by Solas, the company is able to keep at the forefront of both scientific and industrial developments within the field. Field-testing and data analysis are conducted thoroughly before a product is released and due to their extensive and superior CAD, CAM, and CAE capabilities, almost every customer will be provided for and satisfied.

    Use our Revolutionary Propeller Guide to find the perfect SOLAS propeller for your engine!

    SOLAS boat propeller guide

    Both the quality control and quality analysis divisions of Solas invest time and effort into true academic studies on the durability and quality of their aluminum and stainless steel. The goal is to produce, with complete consistency, a propeller or impeller that is virtually rustproof and durable for many years to come. They are internationally recognized since 1994 with an ISO-9002 certification from BSI and in 2003, they were awarded an ISO-9001 -- truly serving as evidence of their commitment to quality.

    In tune with customer concerns worldwide, the Solas facilities function on an environmentally sustainable business model. By using an Advanced New Production System, they are able to maximize efficiency whilst reducing waste of both materials and time.

    SOLAS products cover an entire range of propeller and impeller needs. Some products included in the line are: stainless and aluminum propellers, their accessories and brushes, as well as ski propellers, impellers and accessories, jet pumps and intake grates. A fully comprehensive propeller supplier, Solas provides 100% commitment to quality and satisfying the needs of their customers.

    As a leader in stainless steel and aluminum propellers and impellers, SOLAS propellers are the most reliable and durable on the market. Guaranteed to have a match for almost every customer, Propeller Depot is proud to have Solas as a manufacturer.  Propeller Depot carries the entire line of aluminum and stainless SOLAS propellers, and ships them to over 120 countries. 

    Following recent outboard technology advancements, choosing the perfect propeller has become a primary concern for all boat owners. The propeller manufacturers around the world are working hard to develop propellers and blade systems that are effective in performance and affordable. One major manufacturer in the propeller production is SOLAS. They have a wide range of fresh propellers for 3-blade and 4-blade engine systems. Their options are what you need to meet your horsepower engine needs, especially if your device is a 4-stroke.

    Why Choose SOLAS Propellers?

    SOLAS is a trusted brand in the outboard propeller market. The company combines good design and research to deliver the most cost-effective and technologically advanced propellers. Their aluminum propellers surpass the average stainless steel type in three major areas: thinness, quality, and corrosion resistance. For example, the SOLAS propellers for 4-stroke engines are tailored to meet specific hull applications. They have propellers with greater rake angles that are known to maximize power transmission.

    SOLAS Boat Props by Propeller Depot

    How do you tell that a Given Propeller is Worth Buying?

    There are two vital considerations when buying the propellers. To begin with, the accessory should meet your individual needs. The propeller should also allow the engine to operate under a specified RPM value. What is crucial for you? Is it Speed, Load Carrying or Hole Shot? Whatever you consider as the most important, the SOLAS propellers give you the three gains. However, you have to make a decision based on the following considerations:

    a) 3-Blade or 4-Blade? Generally, the 3-blade systems are the commonest, and are available in various sizes and width. They cost much less than the 4-blades. The blades are available in different designs, and are characterized by their ability to offer anticlockwise rotation for the engines. On the other hand, the 4-blade systems enjoy extra advantages. The blades are heavy workers and provide extra acceleration speed to the hull. In fishing, the 4-blade is much faster and more economical with fuel than the 3-blade system. This makes them more expensive.

    b) Propeller Size: The propeller is described based on pitch and diameter. For example, a propeller from SOLAS listed as 15 by 17 by 3 shows a 17" pitch. Pitch refers to the theoretical distance involved in the boat's movement after each revolution. The pitch determines the speed and acceleration of the boat. SOLAS have the speediest propellers for all boat sizes. In choosing a particular propeller's pitch value, you have to match it with the RPM. A small boat will require a higher pitch prop than a heavy boat. Nevertheless, the manufacturer plays a role in the pitch performance. It shouldn't surprise you to get two propellers from different manufacturers of the same diameter varying in performance. For best results, you should consider SOLAS for your propeller.


    A good propeller dictates the overall performance of the boat. SOLAS has the most advanced propellers that match the various blade systems. You can count on the company to deliver to you the most flexible and cost-effective propellers for your boat.  Contact the Boat Propeller experts at Propeller Depot to secure the perfect SOLAS prop for your boat engine.  You will find great prices and excellent customer service at Propeller Depot.  

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