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    DQX Props

    Michigan Wheel DQX inboard propellers are an evolution of the tried and true Dyna Quad series propellers.  The Michigan DQX boat propeller design has been modified to be better suited to highly loaded, limited tip clearance applications. 

    Order your Michigan Wheel DQX inboard boat props from Propeller Depot today, and save hundreds of dollars.

    Diameter range: 17" - 32"
    21° of skew
    0.735 to .081 E.A.R.

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    Product(s)Diameter# BladesMaterialE.A.R.Price 
    Picture of 30 inch DQX 4 Blade Nibral30 inch DQX 4 Blade Nibral 30 inch4Nibral0.81$4,496.00
    Picture of 32 inch DQX 4 Blade Nibral32 inch DQX 4 Blade Nibral 32 inch4Nibral0.81$5,438.00
    Picture of 32 inch DQX 4 Blade Bronze32 inch DQX 4 Blade Bronze 32 inch4Bronze0.81$4,894.00
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